The Art of the Great Transatlantic Ocean Liners

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Display Case Once upon a time the Transatlantic Ocean Liners were the only way to travel across the Atlantic. Before the 1960's, these liners served as luxurious transportation of the high society, people of business and politics, as well as the Europe-bound vacationer.
A new exhibit at the Whippany Railway Museum features artwork of some of maritime history's most fascinating vessels including the Normandie of 1935 with its trendsetting Art Deco décor, and the Lusitania...infamous for it's 1915 torpedoing off the Irish coast by a German submarine. Also on view is the RMS Queen Mary of 1936 sailing from Manhattan in the late-1930's, as well as the SS United States entering New York City for the first time in July 1952. Display Case
Wall Photos From the Caronia of 1905, seen passing under London's Tower Bridge, to the Queen Elizabeth 2 sailing majestically past the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in a historic pre-9/11 scene, come view these great vessels and see why the Ocean Liners were, and still are, so fascinating.


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