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This page will contain some of the latest exhibits, equipment, projects and special events at the Whippany Railway Museum.  Check here often to find out more information.

Take The Pennsy To The Fair !
“Your Steel Thruway to the Fair Gateway”

Worlds Fair Monorail LEAD IMAGE

The 1964 – 1965 New York World's Fair took place 50 years ago, and for 2015, the Whippany Railway Museum has put together a unique display that will bring back happy memories for anyone lucky enough to have visited that fantasy land in Flushing Meadows, Queens a half-century ago.

Whippany Fire Department / Civil Defense Siren

Federal Sign and Signal Corporation Model C3 1/2

 Air Raid Siren Close - Crop

The Air Raid Siren, once a common place signaling device used in communities across the nation. It could be used for alerting firefighters about an active fire, warning the public of a potential natural or man-made disaster, or for less life threatening things such as school closings or that the kids should come home for dinner.

Click HERE to read more about this now fading piece of vital infrastructure.


Crossing Gates - Lead Image

As America became laced with railroads in the latter half of the 19th century, it soon became apparent that safety warning signs and signals should be set up to protect people who wanted to cross the tracks.

Click here to learn about this important part of railroad safety, as well as some examples that are in the museum's collection



The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), “The Standard Railroad of the World”, constructed nearly 1,200 N6b class wooden cabooses (or “Cabin Cars” as they were called on the PRR) from 1914 to 1923.

Click Here to read more about the history of this clasic piece of Museum & railroading History

In Memorial

In Memory of

John A. Snogans

Museum Member, Railroader, Friend
January 25, 1952 - August 14, 2013

A Friend like John comes along but once in a lifetime... Those of us who knew him from both the Whippany Railway Museum and the Morris County Central Railroad have all benefited from his knowledge, compassion and zest for life.

Our lives have been forever changed for the best through our friendship with this unique and gentle man.

Rest In Peace Good Friend.

The Art of the Great Transatlantic Ocean Liners

Ocean Liners Header

A new exhibit at the Whippany Railway Museum features artwork of some of maritime history's most fascinating vessels including the Normandie of 1935 with its trendsetting Art Deco décor, and the Lusitania...infamous for it's 1915 torpedoing off the Irish coast by a German submarine. Also on view is the RMS Queen Mary of 1936 sailing from Manhattan in the late-1930's, as well as the SS United States entering New York City for the first time in July 1952.

"Old” Penn Station

Pen Station Model

A new exhibit is now on display at the Whippany Railway Museum to commemorate New York City's “Old” Penn Station. Photographs of the station, vintage post cards, locomotive models and Pennsylvania Railroad memorabilia are included in the exhibit as well as a huge, highly detailed model of the iconic building.

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